Broner Cutting Weight Ahead Of Pacquiao Bout

Broner Cutting Weight Ahead Of Pacquiao Bout

Pacquiao-Broner fight is scheduled to take each other on in an explosive match on January 19th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The fight is huge for both fighters as Broner wants to get back on track in his boxing career and Pacquiao needs the win to secure a bout against Floyd Mayweather. Manny Pacquiao certainly has more to lose than Broner as Pacquiao will have a huge payday if he can secure another fight with Mayweather.

At the initial press conference with Pacquiao and Broner, a lot of critics noticed that Broner was a bit overweight while Pacquiao looked like he could jump right into the ring and be ready to fight. Fitness will be one of the most important aspects of the upcoming fight as it is expected to go 12 rounds. Both fighters do have a powerful punch but they are both elusive which should lead to a long fight.

Adrien Broner looks like he is back on track with his training and weight. Based on a few social media posts Broner is ready to fight and back in fighting shape. Broner was able to complete a full lap under water in the swimming pool. Broner has proclaimed that he is fighting for the ‘hood’ and wants to represent his people back in Cincinnati. Broner will be looking to upset Pacquiao and take home arguably the biggest win of his career. Broner has a lot less to lose and he could come out of his corner throwing aggressive punches to take Pacquiao off of his game. Broner is the more accurate puncher which could be an advantage in a long fight as he will not have to use as much energy.

If Broner can remain focused in the run up to the fight there is a good chance that he can create an upset and take down Pacquiao. Manny is known for his fitness and ability to grind out a fight so Broner will need to be in the best shape that he can be to put up a good fight. Pacquiao is also known for his fast hand speed but Broner also has some quick hands and it will be interesting to see how they match up. Broner’s stamina will be a key component of the matchup as he will have to keep up with Pacquiao over the fight length. Broner needs to keep focusing through the holidays and keep his eyes on the prize so that he can come out with a win on January 19th.

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Both fighters should be in tip top physical shape on January 19th as they both look to take home the win. Pacquiao has the pedigree and experience that few boxers can compare to. But, Broner has been compared to Mayweather and that comparison certainly favors Broner. The entire boxing world will be watching on January 19th to see who will come out on top in a great matchup.

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